Thank you for visiting this page. Nathan was involved in a tragic accident whilst competing in a British Championship Triathlon in Aberfeldy, Scotland.

As a result of this accident, Nathan is currently in Intensive Care in Scotland and has a long road ahead of him. Nathan was diagnosed with two life-threatening conditions, a brain injury and a spinal injury. What transpired was that Nathans brain injury was not as bad as first feared, however, his spinal injury was worse than could have ever imagined. 

We want to help his family and friends to raise as much money as possible to help them and Nathan in this very sad time.

Nathan is a dedicated triathlete who loves competing and also runs a successful triathlon coaching business. Nathan dedicates his time to helping others achieves their goals – now he needs everyone’s help to help him achieve his. Nathan has won many a race over the years, however, this is not a race he can win alone. 

That's why we've set up this website and are undertaking different fund raising events to raise as much money to help Nathan in his recovery.

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We’ll be organising charity events over the next few months so please get in touch to find out ways of helping and donating.

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